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There are many good lists of links to stamp sites out there on the web. So, I'm going to do something different. I'm going to rate all of the sites. This list will grow slowly, so hang with me. If you feel I missed a site, e-mail me here. The sites are rated on the five star system.

WWW.PHILATELIC.COM - Huge hoard of dealers, chat room, free e-mail posting service, auctions, classified ads.

Stamp Auction Central - Looking for the auction of a commercial stamp firm? You'll find it here. Stamp Auction Central lives up to its name.

1954 Liberty Series - A simpily fantastic site. Great use of pictures. Fasinating!

Cool Stamps - Cool Stamps, cool site. Just fantastic. Slips into the five star catagory because of the excellent use of pictures to illustrate some of the stamps. (PS-Look around, I was able to find a free offer when I was there.)

Sea Turtles - Hundreds of Sea Turtle stamps in this checklist. May have every turtle stamp recorded in catalogs listed. Even has a few not listed in catalogs. Many of the stamps are pictured.

China Stamp Page - Great page for the advanced collector of Chinese stamps. A lot of research and knowledge has gone into this page.

Collector's Stamp Exchange - Once you register, you can post buy, trade, and sell ads for free.

Collectionner Les Oblitérations - Online study and exhibit of classic French stamps. Wonderful site, but it's all in French. Even if you don't read French, it still has wonderful displays of stamps.

The Lingens - Penny approvals and a wonderful system for browsing through the covers they are selling.

Dennis R. Abel - Dealer's page, nicely done, good prices, a little short on stock

Ed Anderson's - This site makes four stars just because of its HUGE number of recent sets for sale. His prices are fair, not the best, but definatly not awful. But his huge list of sets takes the cake. (He says he has over 10,000.)

Australia On-Line stamps - Comprehensive list of Australian stamps, with some stamps from other Oceanic countries.

Australasia - Even if you aren't interested in Australasia, this page is jammed full of stuff!

Robert Barker - Lots, and lots of stamps. Big time dealer, has huge inventory list.

Don Black Has a selection of stamps for sale, plus his website contains some nice "extras".

Baltic States Philatelic Page - Really nice page for the collector of Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia

World Wide Bicycle Stamps - Huge checklist for the collector of Bikes on stamps. Great site.

Celmark Corp. - U.S. stamps for sale, comprehensive list, fair prices, also features mail bid sales

Century Stamps - Maybe the largest price list of classic U.S. stamps avaliable on the net.

Vance Auctions - I've dealt with Vance Auctions before, they have many items up for bids, but they go for high prices. However, their customer service is great!

Mushroom checklist - Very complete checklist for Mushrooms on stamps.

Douglas A. Dobson - Bi-monthly pricelist of worldwide mixtures. I've ordered from Mr. Dobson many times before, and I've really recieved some nice mixes. He's listed on my Favorite Dealer's list.

Topical Stamps - Huge number of stamps in his pricelists.

New Zealand First Day Covers - Pictures and gives dates for many New Zealand First Day Covers. Nothing for sale, but a very nice site.

Ebourse - This site has price lists and offerings from many dealers.

Chinese Stamps - Offers Chinese year sets back to '92, but the best part is that he pictures all the stamps.

Stamp Collecting for Beginners - Very good page for those just beginning the hobby.

Faircloth Cachets - Nice handpainted covers, prices are very good considering the low print runs.

KIVA - Huge selection of country and topical packets. Prices are in French francs.

Postal History - Looking for a postal history item from a specific town? It's probably here. Only problem - wanted to purchase something, so I sent him an e-mail. I never recieved a reply.

Geostamps - Canadian stamps, some good prices, lots of pictures.

Brookman Stamps - This site is full of pictures of State and Federal Duck Stamps. Decent prices, too.

Jim McKellips' Stamp Page - Lots of different kinds of stamps, many pictures.

RKA Covers - Offers beautiful covers for sale. If you are a cover collector, you should really check out this site. Offers from new FDCs back to Civil War patriotics.

B & B Stamps- Many world-wide packets for sale, offers decent prices with unique packets. (Almost all commemoratives or pictorials.)

Paxton's Stamps - Very enjoyable web site. Sells wildelife topical stamps at fair prices. Also has a magazine section which I found very enjoyable. Huge number of pictures.

Stamp Diary - Complete list of British stamp shows and events.

Philatelic Books- Free service searches on-line booksellers for the best prices on books relating to philately. Only drawback is that on-line booksellers tend to have higher prices and limited selection in regard to specialized hobby books.

AB Philea - Swedish company. Sells packets, singles, has auctions.

OZ Stamp - Huge list of dealers belonging to the Australian Stamp Dealers Association, few auction lists and pricelists

Alfin's Philatelic Connection - He offers approvals, and some supplies, a couple stamps, but not much else. Barely made it to the three star plateau.

Alan Anderson's Stamp Store - Individual stamps all pictured, and fair pricing. One downfall is that he is short on stock.

Auction-123 - You can list your stamp or coin auctions for FREE. The only problem is, you'ld be hard pressed to find a bidder.

Hungarian Stamps Nothing for sale, just large pictures of nice Hungarian Stamps for you can view. The background music made the site.

Stamp Collections - Many stamps wanted to buy, FANTASTIC glossary of stamp terms.

B. Trading Company - Auction, and stamps and cards for sale in an easy to read format

BESTamps - US mint stamps, very easy to use, a bit expensive, but the prices are not awful, large inventory, but short in classic stamps.

Philatelic Literature - If you are looking for a book on a specific subject, this site is the place to go.

Belgium - Selection of Belgium stamps for sale. Well done site with background music.

James Bendon Ltd. - Another great site for Philatelic Literature

Betsy & Chuck - A few different selections of stamps for sale. Some interesting parts of the site.

Bahamas Page Some interesting points if you collect the Bahamas.

Belgium Collector - He does a nice job of using pictures to illustrate his pages.

Canada and France - A sort of on-line stamp exhibit. Needs a bit of work.

- Ron Carmichael Stamps for sale, but also check out his amusing stamp stories.

Christ Stamps - Very strong selection of Germany

Cappa Stamps - Worldwide stamps at fair prices

Stamping Our History - Coffee table book about US history through stamps. Looks very nice and reasonably priced.

Mike Davis' Stamp page - Many scanned images of US sheets. Nothing for sale.

Col. Larry R. Davidson - Sells approvals and other stamps. He was a bit pricy, but had some very interesting lots for sale.

Gregory K. Deeter - Sells mixtures, many unpicked. Very large selection, but I thought you could get the same lots for less. (Of course, it's hard to tell unless you actually see the mixture.)

Ed Denson's Stamps - Sells U.S. PNCs and Swedish stamps. Has a large inventory and gives a background on the stamps he is selling.

D.J.'s Stamps - Large Pricelist, and periodically has large auctions.

Cliff Eisen - Sells and buys stamps from the British Commonwealth, Europe, and Asia.

Stamp Collector's Corner - Sells packets, and U.S. singles. Nice selection, but the prices are too high.

Montgomery Philatelic - Small selection of U.S. and Canada on sale for fairly good prices.

Censor Collectors - Nice page for those who collect censored envelopes.

FCI Stamp Resotoration Service - Very interesting as they offer a unique service not often advertised.

FLG Cachets - Handpainted First Day Covers, very nice, but I've seen better for less.

Space Covers - Space and other topical covers. The prices are fair and he provides a background to each cover.

Dan W. French - Small selection of mixtures. I would have given this a two star rating except for the fact that I had once before ordered from Dan and was pleased with what I recieved.

The Colonel- He has some interesting worldwide mixtures and collections for sale. Also has some other interesting items for sale. However, you do have to register before you can view his page.

Stamps Galore - Packets of worldwide stamps for sale.

Auckland City Stamps Limited - New Zealand stamp company, got a bit lost on their site, but it just needs a bit more work.

Subscription Service - Not much there, but the site gets right to the point.

AmeriCom Philatelic - Nice selection of older mint US stamps. Just a bit too expensive.

Peter G. Aitken - Fairly large list of stamps for sale, covering almost all the countries of the globe.

George C. Baxley - Selection of European stamps and several other countries, just missed a 3 star rating

Island Stamps - Nice web site with humorous opening. That's all the site has. There is nothing else there.

BC-Stamps - Very small page with a few European stamps for sale.

Bart's Stamps - Has a fairly long list of U.S. stamps he is selling. Prices aren't awful, but higher than most.

The History of Writing in Stamps - Attempts to put together a checklist of stamps featuring handwriting but comes up short.

Let's Trade! - Collector posts his wantlist and also puts up what he is willing to give in return.

C & J's Stamp Stuff - Some really interesting things here, but the site does need work.

Canadiana Philatelics - Small selection of mostly Canadian stamps

Charlstown Stamps - Very disorganized page. Prices were not great, but there were a couple of almost free offers.

Collector's Gallery - Classic US stamps. Prices were poor.

Coughlin's - This site seemed nice at first, but when I looked around, all there really was were a couple of Phillippine revenues for sale.

Mike Davenport's Scanned Images - A couple of nice scanned images of classic US stamps. Nothing for sale.

Ed's Philatelic Page - Stamps to be issued by the USPS and a short little article on Soviet Space Dogs.

DBE Stamps - Worldwide stamps for sale, but not much being offered when I visited.

Stamp Paradise - Small selection of mostly Hong Kong covers.

Croatian Post Stamps - Nothing for sale, just a very small virtual exhibit with several stamps.

Lawrence Fisher - Want list and three postal history items for sale.

Thomas Gompf - Offers a periodic price list via e-mail, also says you can send him your wantlists. Nothing special.

International Stamp Auctions - Norwegian firm, two auctions per year.

The Artist's Proof - Small selection of framed stamps at high prices.

Stamps Mall - Hosts dealers, but with a long URL for a commercial site and high fees, try...Deserted Mall

Swedish magazine - If you read Swedish and want a stamp magazine from that country, then check this site out.

Bick International - Small selection of pricey topicals. (They even had a set of stamps badly misidentified when I visited.)

Bing's Homepage - Another small selection of pricey stamps

Canada Year Sets - Not much at this site, and the prices aren't that great either.

Bill's Philatelic Bargins - The only way these prices will be bargins are if we go through a couple of years of hyper-inflation and the prices on these stamps stay the same!

Beaupre Stamps - Stamps for sale. Site looked good at first, but then I realized there was really nothing there.

French Colonies Wantlist - A collector's large wantlist of the French Colonies. Had not been updated in over a year when I visited.

CIS Stamps - Offers Romania and former USSR pricelists with e-mail

Collage - Random stamp images appear on your screen with a click of the mouse. (Not as exciting as it sounds.)

British Commonwealth - Send them an e-mail to get their free price list.

Cars on Stamps - Not much there, couple of pictures of cars on stamps. This site slipped to a two star rating down to one as my computer was blasted with cookies.

Rainer's Stamp Corner - Only one out of the three English language links works.

Andrea's Web Page

Melbros - Gibraltar stamps, e-mail him.

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