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Welcome to Mike's Stamp Page. If you have any stamp questions that I don't answer at this site, then e-mail me at the above address. Stay tuned to this site for changes this summer. It's been dormant for a little bit, but we're planning lots of updates and new features - including more contests. Enjoy your visit.

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Stamps Message Board

The message board works just like a newsgroup.

Check out the Trans-Miss. Design

1998 USPS Calender

1997 USPS Calender

Stamp Links

I'm in the process of rating many of the stamp web sites on the web. Sites are rated from one to five stars and a little description of the site is tossed in.

Stamp Market Tips

Section with prime investments you can make at the Post Office.


Lots of great stuff.


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Catalog- U.S. Used/19th Century
Catalog- U.S. Used/20th Century
Catalog- U.S. Mint/19th Century
Catalog- U.S. Mint/20th Century

Accurate prices gathered by scouring dozens of dealer price list and auction results

Beginner's Corner

My Favorite Stamp Dealers

I've been pleased with these dealers, so I give them my recommendation.

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