My Favorite Stamp Dealers

I've done business with these stamp dealers more than once, and they've all pleased me. If you are looking for a good dealer to set up a relationship with, I recommend these.
Canadian Warehouse Supplies- stamp supplies

P.O. Box 2972; Hollywood, FL 33022; 1-800-265-0720

Product Quality= B, Price= B, Service= A-, Orders may take a while to arrive, but their people are knowledgeable and helpful. They do not always use stamps when they mail.

Dan French- Mixtures, treasure lots

P.O. Box 3528, Las Cruces, NM 88003

Product Quality= A-, Price= B+, Service= A, orders arrive fairly quickly with a wonderful selection of stamps used.

Douglas Dobson- mixtures and packets

P.O. Box 2972, Lake Worth, FL., 33466-7120;

Product Quality= A, Price= B-, Service= A+, An average order from Dobson arrives in less than a week and is mailed with a fairly nice variety of current U.S. stamps. His price per ounce may be fairly high, but I have learned he delivers what he advertises- His mixtures are truly unpicked.

Park Blvd. Stamps- stamp lots, worldwide

4980 Park Blvd, Pinellas Park, FL 34665

Product Quality= B, Price= A-, Service= D+, Their lots are not always exactly what is described, but they do have a huge selection, and use a nice variety of stamps on their mailings.

Ron's Stamps- worldwide sets and singles

P.O. Box 2972; Merced, CA 95344; Ron's web page

Product Quality= B, Price= A, Service= A, I can't find anyone whose prices are continually lower. Responds to orders fairly quickly (10-14 days) Uses great variety of stamps on his mailings.

Subway Stamp Shop- stamp supplies

2121 Beale Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania; Subway's web page

Product Quality= A, Price= B, Service= B+, Subway now uses UPS 2 day delivery and I have heard many glowing reports of how Subway is doing a much better job in recent years.

Vance Auctions- Auction Company

P.O. Box 267
Smithville, Ontario,
Canada L0R 2A0 Vance Auctions E-mail

Prices= C-, Service= A, This Canadian company has a very nicely organized catalog with over 5000 well described lots. While the number of bidders is high, so you can't always get a bargin, this company is great on service, going out of their way to make their buyers happy. They always use a nice variety of modern Canadian stamps when they mail.

Any collecters who have done business with the dealers I listed or other dealers please e-mail me at I will add your evaluation to my page. (Please leave your e-mail address just in case I need to get back to you.- Thanks)