Beginner's Corner


Collecting stamps is easy- To start just look through your mail for letters containing stamps. Cut out the corner of the envelope and soak it in lukewarm water. The stamp will come free of the envelope within ten to fifteen minutes. You may need to gently pull the stamp from the envelope if it hasn't come off during the fifteen minutes. Once you have the stamps off the envelope, place it facedown on a paper towel. When it has dried you will have the first stamp in your collection. You can then visit your local hobby shop for more information or ask at the desk of your local post office for a stamp collecting pamphlet. Or e-mail me here and I'll be more then happy to help.


At times you may find some stamps that are worth money in your everyday mail. On bulk rate envelopes with stamps examine the very bottom of the stamp. If you see a little number or set of numbers then you have a Plate Number Coil(PNC). A common PNC may be worth 40 cents, but rarer ones can be worth $300 or more. For these PNCs, it is best to save the entire envelope, not just the stamp. On first class mail look for stamps featuring Comic Strip characters, dolls, or square stamps commemorating 20th century events. These are worth 20-25 cents each (If you soak them off and check their backs you will find a big surprise!) On large packages or express mail packages look for stamps that have a large face value. A stamp with a space shuttle and a face valueof $3.20 is worth 50-75 cents. However, a space suttle stamp with a face value of over $10 is very rare in used condition. This stamp is worth about $7. Not sure of what you have? E-mail me here and leave your e-mail address and I'll be glad to help.

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