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This month I will be giving away two mini stamp accumulations. First prize will be 100 mint and used worldwide stamps while second prize will be a small collection of 150 U.S. stamps. (Trust me, even though you get more stamps with the second place, first place is nicer.) To enter just try to answer the 5 geography/stamp questions. You get one chance to win for just filling out your name and an additional chance for every trivia question you get right. Good Luck! This is the third contest.

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What would you consider your experience in stamp collecting?

If you have some experience, what do you collect?

1.In what country is Mount Olympus located?

2.Which tiny country is sandwiched between France and Spain?

3.Great Britain issued its first stamp in 1840 and the U.S. followed in 1847. Canada's first stamp came soon after. In what year was it issued?

4.Which country has both the Great Sandy Desert and the Great Victoria Desert?

5.In 1902, the U.S. issued an 8 cent postage stamp commemorating the life of a woman. Who was that lady? (Hint-she was a president's wife)